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My house before I purchased a dehumidifier:

All of my clothes were ’contaminated’: smelled anywhere between musty and downright putrid!

Leather bags, jackets and shoes where covered in green, white powdery mould.



The walls had visible signs of black spotty mould.



Wooden furniture had a film of mould all over.

  • My sheets and bed actually felt damp and smelt musty.
  • · There was a very obvious smell of mould as soon as you stepped into the room.
  • · And I was very sick! Breathing difficulties, couldn’t sleep at night, panicky feeling and nervousness that was not  usual. A strange rash that wouldn’t go away and a cough that was getting worse.
  • I knew it was the mould making me sick and I was sick and tired of trying to get rid of it….. I cleaned and cleaned but it kept coming back!! My home was no longer a safe place.

I had heard of dehumidifiers but knew very little. I was desperate and ready to try anything. I researched and contacted Damp Solutions. It didn’t take long and I had my dehumidifier ready to go. Wow!! What a huge difference this compact unit made. I was collecting up to 10L of water per day, which was all going outside and down the drain rather than feeding the mould in my house. Now I was ready to kill and get rid of the dead mould once and for all. I removed and washed everything in my wardrobe in vinegar. All of my walls and furniture were wiped down with Spray Away Mould Killer. I cleaned up big but have NEVER had to go through this ordeal again.

Now my house is wonderful dry, clean, and smells so fresh. Most of my symptoms are now gone!! My home is my haven once again. I have never looked back!