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A staff member of Damp Solutions recently moved to Witta – and this was his experience of the climate, humidity and condensation he experienced in his newly acquired house.

981159_853941968085365_8822120926801817824_o“Moving into our newly purchased home in Witta was an exciting time in our life. We always wanted to live in the hinterland and the opportunity finally came. Living in Cooroy for a few years got us accustomed to the weather in SE Queensland after a move from Daylesford Victoria. The first winter was divine but when summer came, the humidity  was something we had to get used to. I was  lucky enough to get a job with Damp Solutions Australia and quickly learned what the humidity and condensation was capable of doing.”

Mould… The tell tale sign of humidity and condensation levels being too high.

“When we moved to Witta in January 2016, I noticed how humid the air was. The leather couch was sticky and the tiled areas were moist.

DampPro25-Front_Web2I turned on the dehumidifier and its humidity read 95% RH (Relative Humidity). For reference, mould starts its growth anywhere above 60%. After running the unit for two days I extracted more than 16 litres of water from the living area alone! A few days later, we were in the clouds and forgetting to close the windows, the humidity level rose from 55% to 90%. Again, the dehumidifier came out and dealt with it. Working at Damp Solutions made me realise that the mould issue is not just with furniture, clothes, wardrobes etc, there were health issues to take into account. Apparently, mould can cause asthma in people genetically predisposed to allergies as noted in an ABC Wellbeing article.

So to all people living in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, if you haven’t got a dehumidifier, there is a good chance you will be experiencing what I detailed above. I’m happy to chat with anyone about humidity and condensation issues and I’m also happy to discuss the different type of dehumidifiers available. You can visit the website, email or call us on 07 5447 7508.”

Paul Nunns
Damp Solutions Australia