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Do you ever go into your wardrobe after the summer to get your leather skirt or jacket for the cold and find it has mould growing on it?

Do you ever have a musty smell?

dampp-chasers-rods-x4sizesStorage Dehumidifier or Dampp Chaser rods

If you do then you might need to think about keeping the air in your cupboards and robes at a constant temperature to prevent things from getting musty and mouldy.


The easy solution to this age old issue is to install a Dampp Chaser Rod.



How they work is very simple. They look like a Fluorescent tube made from light aluminum and have a small charge of power to provide a delicate warmth which will make sure that the temperature doesn’t fluctuate and any condensation that might occur is evaporated and your clothes and stored items stay warm and dry.


Pictured mounted in the wardrobe.


How they work is that by producing a low wattage warmth keeps things dry and at constant temperature which is less likely to allow mould to develop. Any moisture introduced by damp clothing or footwear will be evaporated and not allow to settle for mildew to grow.





Dampp Chaser rods create a circulation of warm air throughout your cupboard and storage space.






For more information about Dampp Chaser rods or to order click on this link  Dampp Chaser

The best part is they have a massive TEN YEAR WARRANTY DC_10Years