Why buy from Damp Solutions?

Why Choose Damp Solutions Australia Pty Ltd? Expertise and Experience With over 24 years of expertise Damp Solutions Australia has been a trusted partner for the provision of climate control and moisture-related products.  Coupled with technical expertise resulting...

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Enhancing Workplace Environments in Australia

The versatility of having a spot cooler for the hot months and directional heating for the colder months means there's seldom a season during the year when your workers or equipment won't benefit from having a controlled temperature to work in.

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Choosing a Spot Cooler for Commercial or Industrial Work-Place

Spot coolers are portable air conditioning units designed to provide temporary or supplemental cooling in commercial and industrial settings.   During high heat summer months,these commercial spot coolers are versatile and can be used in various applications...

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Commercial spot cooler used in industrial warhouse

Spot cooler saves the day!

Emergency hospital server room uses a spot cooler & saves the day! Hospital HVAC system failure We supplied a spot cooler which is a commercial size portable Air Conditioning Unit to save an over heated HVAC system in a hospital. The HVAC system had failed for...

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CB5500 d portable spot cooler with ducts for hot air removal and directional cool air