Reduce Condensation in Commercial Kitchens

Reduce Condensation and Mould in your Commercial Kitchen, Restaurant or Café.   From a small corner cafe to large food production kitchens, cleanliness and hygiene is paramount.  We know that, but do we know there are...

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Storage and Wardrobe mould prevention

Dampp-Chaser.  Storage Dry Rod/Dehumidifier. Dampp-Chasers use mild heat to warm, dry and circulate air in enclosed spaces, making the spaces inhospitable for moisture, mould, mildew and allergens. Perfect for storage and wardrobe mould prevention. Ideal for...

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Best Features of New Seccoprof Dehumidifiers

Newly released SeccoProf 30P & 40P Dehumidifiers       New Upgraded models, additional functionality whilst maintaining it's renowned quality, innovation and reliability. Many of us look for functional long lasting appliances for our business...

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Quality SeccoProf 40P room dehumidifier

Why buy from Damp Solutions?

Why Choose Damp Solutions Australia Pty Ltd? Expertise and Experience With over 24 years of expertise Damp Solutions Australia has been a trusted partner for the provision of climate control and moisture-related products.  Coupled with technical expertise resulting...

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How do I control the humidity in a room?

How to Identify humidity in your living or working space? If you have moisture running down the walls and glass, then high chances are that you have exces- sive humidity and you'll have issues with mould and mildew in your home. Sometimes we loose sight of the fact...

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condensation on the glass indicates high humidity