Newly released SeccoProf 30P & 40P Dehumidifiers

Ltest SeccoProf 40P dehumidifier from Damp Solutions Aust




We have some good news!

Many of us look for functional long lasting appliances for our home or business. Sadly a lot of products dont standup to the test of time. We have been selling a long lasting commercial build dehumidifier for many years. that really hasnt changed much, except for a few modern cosmetic changes.

Typically for the 20 years Damp Solutions has been offering the Italian Design-Olimpia SeccoProf dehumidifiers we have discovered loyal customers that only come back to us to buy another secco after using theirs for over 10 years and needing an upgrade.

The Seccoprof models feature a stylish Italian Euro design, with professional quality such as:

  • SeccoProf Large 10L tankStainless steel body,
  • Portable easy to move commercial dehumidifier.
  • Large 10L moisture holding tank
  • Easy drain sidemounted drinage hose connection
  • Industry leading 3 year warranty
  • Helps with control of moisture to prevent mould out breaks and condensation problems. Electronic digital control version.3yr Warranty for Secco Dehumidifiers

Key Features at a glance
SeccoProf 30P/40P New easy control panel

  • Now with electronic digital control. 30-90%RH selectable with continuous or Laundry mode.
  • Can run in very low temperatures as low as 2degC !  Using the latest electronic logic and hot gas injection.
  • Large moisture removal capacity of 28L/day @32degC 80%RH.
  • Now with “SuperDry” function which activates for continuous faster dehumidification.
  • Auto Restart Function, when power returns after a blackout the unit remembers the last setting.
  • Features built in Temp/Humidity meter for measuring actual ambient levels.

Suitable for: larger volume open plan living rooms or store rooms, commercial offices*, laboratories*, carpet drying, art galleries, museums, storage containers, homes ♦ apartments ♦ laundry and drying rooms ♦ garages
Larger Professional recording studios – can also be at risk from corrosion due to high levels of condensation or humidity Mixing consoles, computers etc, are just some of the items that can be affected. 

FOR PREVENTION OF: mould & condensation, corrosion, and musty smells!

Our brand new units are ready to ship around Australia, buy online today !