Best Features of New Seccoprof Dehumidifiers

Newly released SeccoProf 30P & 40P Dehumidifiers       We have some good news! Many of us look for functional long lasting appliances for our home or business. Sadly a lot of products dont standup to the test of time. We have been selling a long...

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Quality SeccoProf 40P room dehumidifier

Enhancing Workplace Environments in Australia

The versatility of having a spot cooler for the hot months and directional heating for the colder months means there's seldom a season during the year when your workers or equipment won't benefit from having a controlled temperature to work in.

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Happy industry workers, woman with smiling face and thumbs up

Spot cooler saves the day!

Emergency hospital server room  uses a spot cooler & saves the day!  Hospital HVAC system had failed We used a spot cooler to save an oveheated HVAC system in a hospital. The HVAC system had failed for a server room at a hospital in Sydney’s inner Western...

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CB5500 d portable spot cooler with ducts for hot air removal and directional cool air