Dampp-Chaser.  Storage Dry Rod/Dehumidifier.

Dampp-Chasers use mild heat to warm, dry and circulate air in enclosed spaces, making the spaces inhospitable for moisture, mould, mildew and allergens. Perfect for storage and wardrobe mould prevention.

Ideal for wardrobes, linen cupboards, pantry, caravans, boats, gun safes and many more spaces.

Storage and wardrobe mould prevention


Mountable rods that you simply put in the bottom of your wardrobe, linen cupboard, RV, storage and plug into the power socket and walk away !  The Rods work by three simple steps.

  1. In a confined storage space, if the air is heated, the relative humidity will go down because warm air molecules are capable of holding more moisture.
  2. The increased moisture carrying capacity of this air draws moisture out of the objects it passes (your clothes, shoes, boat, storage shed…)
  3. As the air molecules are heated, they become more active and cause the pressure within the confined space to increase slightly, forcing some of the moisture-laden air outside to be carried away.


Storage and wardrobe mould prevention

Dampp Chaser DC18 12watts – 46cm

Different sizes and mounting options available.

Dampp Chaser DC24 15watts – 61cm

Dampp Chaser DC36 25watts – 92cm

Dampp Chaser DC48 35watts – 1.22m



The benefits of using Dampp Chasers

Firstly, imagine a mould, musty free storage space. No more mouldy shoes, handbags and clothes that need to be cleaned.  Just by plugging the right size rod in, your clothes, photos, equipment, food will be rust, musty, mould, moisture free.  Peace of mind for looking after your valuable items. Storage and Wardrobe mould prevention.

As a long-term solution to dampness, the Dampp Chaser/Damp Defender (including the electricity to operate it) costs 3 TIMES LESS than absorbent crystals. Each dehumidifier runs at a low cost, ranging from just 3 to 10 cents per day! You may not even notice this minimal cost on your electric bill.

There is no need to throw away used-up absorbers, create a mess refilling crystals, or dump anything down the drain. No waste. No mess therefore environmentally friendly.

No Down Time – Rechargeable crystals need to be recharged every two weeks to keep working, absorbers stop working once they’re saturated, and dehumidifiers stop dehumidifying until emptied. Damp Defender has no downtime, ever. Once it’s plugged in it will continuously circulate air, keeping your spaces fresh and dry.

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